Updated 6/7/21

LimeLight follows USFHA - Rules & Regulations Framework from Regional and National Club Champ w/ modifications (Click Here for  Document)

Modifications and Limelight Specific Rules

  • Each game will be played 7 v. 7 (6 field players and a goalkeeper)

  • FIH Rules with USFHA modifications

  • Mouth and shin protection are required.  Approved eye protection, goggles and face masks may also be worn but are not required.

  • Condensed field modifications such as:

    • Each field is about 1/3 of a regulation size field

    • The mid-field line is used for starting point of the long hit. 

    • All free hits taken below the mid-field line must use ICE (indirect circle entry).  

    • Attack side ins from inside the shooting circle are re positioned outside the circle to facilitate ICE.

    • On penalty corners, only three defense players and a keeper can play back on on defense.  Extra defensive players retreat to the top of the far circle. 

  • Boys may participate if they are U16 and in a case by case basis

    • If a boy plays at limelight he must play up an age group.  So a U12 boy must play U14, U14 plays U16, and a U16 plays U19.  No U19 boys may play at Limelight.

    • Only one boy is allowed on the field per team

  • Roster limit is 14 athletes

  • If a team is short players, other participants may play to complete the team in a case by case basis

  • Game Score Contests can only be made by Team Coaches, parents and athletes may not contest a score


  • All games will start and stop with a central horn.

    • LimeLight games in 2021 will be 22 minutes with 2 minute break between games

      • Running clock so game time is not guaranteed​

  • Time lost due to injury or other “time outs” (penalty strokes, issuance of cards, etc.) will not be added to the game



  • Playoffs for one-day participants will have the top team from two different pools playing for 1st & 2nd place.  In most cases two-day tournament participants the top two teams from two different pools play for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

    • If a team qualifies for a medal game but chooses not to take it, the next highest placed team within their pool​ may take the spot, and so on.

  • Forfeits:  If a game is forfeited, a 3-0 win will be awarded to the opponent.​

  • During tournament pool play teams will be awarded the following points:

  1. 3 points for a win

  2. 1 point for a tie

  3. 0 points for a loss

  • Tie-breakers in deciding the top teams:

  1. Points    

  2. Head-to-head competition

  3. Goal differential

  4. Goals For

  5. Goals Against

  6. Coin Toss

  • If Championship game ends in a tie the teams are co-champions


  • Umpires shall have the authority to suspend (green/yellow/red card) a team or coach for misconduct.

  • Green card results in a 2 minute suspension,  Yellow card is a 5 minute suspension,  Red card results in suspension for the rest of the game



  • Each participant will be provided a tournament T-shirt for them to wear with their unique tournament number.  Teams may wear uniforms, but the tournament T-shirt is recommended

  • The first team listed on the schedule will wear light shirts and light socks; the second team listed will wear dark shirts and dark socks (Black or Navy blue)



  • Teams must have age appropriate players. Age is determined as of 1/1/2021.  Athletes may play up on a team in the next higher age division only