LimeLight Showcase had over 1900 talented athletes participated in 2019.  The showcase participants consists of both individuals and club teams.  The schedules will be available now on the homepage.  It includes all girls attending, their designated number, and times in which they will be playing.

At the showcase, each coach will receive meals, contact information and resume of participants.  Please sign in at the registration table on the day of to ensure you receive these materials.

Coach Packet for College Recruiters Attending the Showcase

Event Code for LimeLight at Spooky Nook June 10-12 will be announced

Limelight and Front Rush's Coach Packet have teamed up this summer to provide college coaches an online platform with all the rosters, athlete profiles, schedule, and the ability to create notes and evaluations onsite using their iPad or mobile device.  The data and schedule will be available in Coach Packet one week prior to the event.  Visit for more information.  For questions, please contact Coach Packet Support via

Colleges who RSVPed, Signed in or Participated Virtually in 2021 LimeLight Showcases

(Does not guarantee attendance in 2022)

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