Two Options to Apply:

     1)  Fill out the electronic application below

         Click here for Online Application


     2)  Download brochure below and mail

        Click here for Brochure Application


Two Ways to Pay:

     1)  By Check (Preferred Method to save you fees)

  • Make checks payable to “Lucking Field Hockey, LLC”.  

  • Please list participant name or team name on check or include a note.

  • Mail checks to 112 Cliff Ave, Lancaster PA 17602

  • For Teams:  One check for entire team to reserve spot.

     2)  By Credit Card Through Paypal (extra fee assessed)

  • First fill out Online Application form above then use button to the right with 3% fee built in to cover processing fee —>

Prices:  Early Bird Deadline May 1

When payment is received you can pick your schedule.  The sooner you pay, the better your schedule will be

1 Day is 4 guaranteed games, 2 day is 6 guaranteed games, and both have possible Championship Games and Clinic


Questions? email to

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