2020 LimeLight Showcases

 June 12 - 14 

Spooky Nook, PA


Full Refunds will be issued

 June 27 & 28 

Trinity College, CT 


Full Refunds will be issued

Covid-19:  We are thinking of you and your loved ones as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.  

After much research we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Limelight Showcases in June at Spooky Nook, PA (June 12-14) and Trinity College, CT (June 27-28). 

It is essential that we put health and well-being of all involved first.   We are not sure how Covid-19 will unfold so we are not planning to postpone and will provide full refunds

We’ve been able to serve the field hockey community with limelight showcases for over 10 years.  We are excited for the return of the amazing sport of field hockey.

Please stay connected, stay safe and hopefully we will see you in 2021!

Colleges who RSVPed, Signed in or Participated Virtually in 2019 LimeLight Showcases

***Didn't sign in but logged into Limelight Coach Packet event.  All Limelight athletes have Coach Packet game footage for all colleges to access

U19 Bracket A - PA Accelerated

U19 Bracket A - Individuals

U19 Bracket B - Wilson HS

U19 Bracket B - StormRunners

U19 Bracket C - Team Philly

U19 Bracket D - Cumberland Valley

U19 Bracket D - Manheim Central

U19 Bracket E - Horizon

U19 Bracket F - Hymax

U19 Bracket F - Individuals

U16 Bracket G&I - Souderton Strikers

U16 Bracket H - Mayhem

U16 Bracket J - Central Penn FH

U16 Bracket K - Chicks with Sticks

U16 Bracket L - Individuals

U14 Bracket M - Souderton Strikers

U14 Bracket N - East End

U14 Bracket O - NEPA Force

U14 Bracket P - Viper

U12 Bracket Q - Mayhem

U14 Bracket A - Field Hockey Club of CT

U16 Bracket B - Field Hockey Club of CT

U19 Bracket C - East End

U19 Bracket C - Field Hockey Club of CT

U16 Bracket D - Individuals

U19 Bracket E - Lasting Legacy

U19 Bracket B - OJR

U19 Bracket B - Blue Fusion

U19 Bracket C - East End

U19 Bracket E - Synergy

U19 Bracket F - Kryptonite

U19 Bracket F - Ballyhoo

U16 Bracket G&I- Individuals

U16 Bracket H - FSC Falcons

U16 Bracket J - Alpha

U16 Bracket K - Rapid Fire Elite

U16 Bracket L - Omega FHC

U14 Bracket M - Central Penn FH

U14 Bracket N - StormRunners

U14 Bracket O - Reach

U14 Bracket P - New Jersey Spartans

U12 Bracket Q - Hymax

U14 Bracket A - Lead the Way

U16 Bracket B - Allegiance

U19 Bracket C - Individuals

U19 Bracket C - East End

U16 Bracket D - NEPA Force

U19 Bracket E - Skowhegan Indians

U19 Bracket A - North Bay

U19 Bracket D - Individuals

U19 Bracket E - Spirit of the USA

U16 Bracket K - Horizon

U16 Bracket D - Lasting Legacy

U16 Bracket D - Irondequoit Fury

U19 Bracket E - Rye FHC

Limelight Directors & National Team Official Limelight Autograph Signing

Thank You: Awesome Athletes, Craymazing Colleges, and Stellar Staff

for 11 Years of Limelight in 2019!!!


Launched in 2008 to make recruiting opportunities more accessible for athletes as they pursue their college career & showcase their talent in the Limelight.

Great Hockey, Good Fun, Get Recruited!

Limelight Directors (Left to Right) 

Jamie,  Kendra,  Karisten

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