U19 Bracket A - PA Accelerated

U19 Bracket A - Individuals

U19 Bracket B - Wilson HS

U19 Bracket B - StormRunners

U19 Bracket C - Team Philly

U19 Bracket D - Cumberland Valley

U19 Bracket D - Manheim Central

U19 Bracket E - Horizon

U19 Bracket F - Hymax

U19 Bracket F - Individuals

U16 Bracket G&I - Souderton Strikers

U16 Bracket H - Mayhem

U16 Bracket J - Central Penn FH

U16 Bracket K - Chicks with Sticks

U16 Bracket L - Individuals

U14 Bracket M - Souderton Strikers

U14 Bracket N - East End

U14 Bracket O - NEPA Force

U14 Bracket P - Viper

U12 Bracket Q - Mayhem

U14 Bracket A - Field Hockey Club of CT

U16 Bracket B - Field Hockey Club of CT

U19 Bracket C - East End

U19 Bracket C - Field Hockey Club of CT

U16 Bracket D - Individuals

U19 Bracket E - Lasting Legacy

U19 Bracket B - OJR

U19 Bracket B - Blue Fusion

U19 Bracket C - East End

U19 Bracket E - Synergy

U19 Bracket F - Kryptonite

U19 Bracket F - Ballyhoo

U16 Bracket G&I- Individuals

U16 Bracket H - FSC Falcons

U16 Bracket J - Alpha

U16 Bracket K - Rapid Fire Elite

U16 Bracket L - Omega FHC

U14 Bracket M - Central Penn FH

U14 Bracket N - StormRunners

U14 Bracket O - Reach

U14 Bracket P - New Jersey Spartans

U12 Bracket Q - Hymax

U14 Bracket A - Lead the Way

U16 Bracket B - Allegiance

U19 Bracket C - Individuals

U19 Bracket C - East End

U16 Bracket D - NEPA Force

U19 Bracket E - Skowhegan Indians

U19 Bracket A - North Bay

U19 Bracket D - Individuals

U19 Bracket E - Spirit of the USA

U16 Bracket K - Horizon

U16 Bracket D - Lasting Legacy

U16 Bracket D - Irondequoit Fury

U19 Bracket E - Rye FHC

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